Pay-Per-Click is not for everybody, but has without a doubt, been the most effective form of advertising we have ever done. Through Google AdWords, we typically get about 2,000 new visitors a month to our websites at an average cost of 23 cents a click.

Of course, our ads (that show mostly in the right column of a Google search) are shown to tens-of-thousands of people every month, but we don’t pay a penny for that. We only pay (23 cents) for someone who actually clicks on our link and comes to one of our websites.

Here are the 12 steps to creating a Pay-Per-Click campaign with Google AdWords.

  • Create an AdWords account at
  • Create new campaign
  • Name your campaign
  • Name your ad group
  • Choose language
  • Choose location
  • Write your ad
  • Choose keywords
  • Choose daily budget
  • Choose max PPC
  • Review campaign
  • Save campaign

If you advertise, you owe it to yourself to find more information on this at Google Adwords . If your business is local and you decide to use AdWords, be sure to pay close attention to how Google allows you to target just specific zip codes, or miles from a radius point, etc.


Conversion (from a result perspective) is 50% of your Internet Marketing success!

What’s the reason of having a website if it doesn’t convert your visitor in some way? If people come to your website, and leave, and never come back again, there hasn’t been much gained.

What Customer Action Do You Want As An Outcome When People Visit Your Website?

  • A Sale
  • Data Capture (You capture your website visitor’s data – name & e-mail, etc.)
  • They Contact You (via telephone, e-mail or a form)

There are a lot of very sophisticated solutions to this challenge way beyond the scope of this e-book, but there is a basic benchmark achievable by anyone regardless of their technological expertise.

“Put an offer on your website.”

You are limited only by your imagination, including;

  • A free (auto) insurance rate comparison
  • A complimentary report, or white paper or executive summary on…
  • Specialized forms pertaining to…

You “must” compel action or you lose some of the value of your website.

Putting an offer on your website, (along with website optimization), moves you into the realm of Internet Marketing professional.

If you want to take one more step, put a form on your website for visitors to complete to receive your offer, along with the basic hyper-linked e-mail and telephone number.

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