1. Extraordinary Skill and Communication
    Our two greatest and proudest qualities: first, we are highly skilled at our trade; second, we take communication very seriously. You will always hear back from us within 24 hours of contact.
  2. Detail-Oriented (in Every Aspect)
    The most minute details are just as important to us as the substantially-sized ones. “Perfectionists” is a word that can be used to accurately describe our commitment. We don’t cut corners.
  3. Passion for the Work and Industry
    We are very passionate about what we do. Whether we are refining a client’s online strategy, designing a website and brand, or speaking with our clients, there is nothing else we’d rather be doing.
  4. Evolving with Technology
    Let’s face it – technology, the web, and everything in between are constantly changing. We recognize, welcome, and adapt to these changes by keeping our hardware, skills, and knowledge on the cutting edge.
  5. Great Respect for Our Clients
    We strongly believe in the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Our clients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity (and are expected and encouraged to reciprocate).
  6. Strong Code of Ethics
    We believe in innovation and we believe in thinking outside of the box; however, with respect to the law and to others, we will not partake in any illegal or unethical creative or business practices – ever.
  7. Emphasis on Measurable Results
    Results matter – to us and to our clients. Without measurable results, we have no way of knowing how well we’re serving and how much we’re helping our clients.

See What My Clients Have to Say

I have worked with Steve several times now and have been more than impressed by his attention to detail, amazing turnaround times and dependable professionalism. My trust in his ability gives me the utmost confidence to recommend his web design services to my clients, as well as continue to utilize him for my own company needs.

Kristen Gucwa
Vice President of Marketing & National Lease-up Operations

I hire graphic and web designers all the time. Steve is by far the best of any I have worked with. He pays attention to detail, exceeds expectations as far as quality, and communicates consistently all the time. He sets expectations/time frames and always exceeds them. See the website he built for us here at www.lastsecondspanish.com. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this project. I highly recommend Steve and his work!

Lara Young
Advertising Copywriter at Launch Digital Marketing

I needed a project turned around quickly and Steve was just the person to do it. He is a good communicator and easy to work with. The project was done ahead of schedule and for less than he originally quoted. Steve’s attention to detail and his proficiency with Adobe suite of design tools made him a pleasure to work with. I hope to collaborate with him on other projects in future.

Michael Miller
Microsoft Technologies Consultant, Architect & Developer

I’ve known Steve over a decade. He was managing country music bands and we started our professional relationship by working shows together. Steve is incredibly organized, detail oriented, disciplined and dependable. He’s loyal to each and every client, managing details with high integrity and commitment to those involved. I recommend Coplan Consulting LLC to anyone. I know Steve will deliver on all his work, communicate effectively along each step and as a client, you will absolutely be taken care of in a way that grows your business and exceeds your expectations

Curry Willix
President and CEO, ViaSolvō

Steve Coplan is a student of the industry, and likes to keep up with what is current. He cares about the work.

John Skinner
Network Administrator, Iostudio

If your looking for someone to help you with your website, Steve is a rare find. He is personable, easy to work with, and hits deadlines. Steve is my go to answer for my websites. After using multiple other sources that never seemed to work out, I am glad I found Steve Coplan!

Curt Snarr

Steve is a great development partner for any sized WordPress site, be it a custom theme built from scratch, troubleshooting an existing theme or customizing a pre-built theme. He’s responsive, mindful, and always willing to try something outside of his comfort zone. Working with Steve is always a pleasure!

D'nelle Dowis
Project Manager / NoSleepForSheep

Steve is a real pro. Not only is his work top-notch, but he offers great advise and is a pleasure to work with.

Michael Page
Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist

Thanks Steve.  Coplan Consulting provided the high quality, tailored website solution we needed without complicated requirements or busting our small business budget.

Carlos E. Tocabens

I’m so happy that I found Steve.  It took me a while to find a professional, competent person.  I could not find anyone in my state and I live in Colorado.  I am so pleased with my experience with Steve.  He is very professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and reasonably priced as well.  I recommended Steve to all my friends and everybody was very happy with the results too.  

Natalia Maz
Owner - Hair By Natalia

Steve has designed a variety of websites for me and my clients over the last several years and his work is always impressive. He has a keen eye for design and because he doesn’t rely on WordPress templates, his websites are all unique and tailored to each client’s industry. In a world of cookie cutter websites, it’s important that your site stands out from the rest. I highly recommend working with Steve Coplan–he will not disappoint!

Stephanie Chandler
CEO, http://AuthorityPublishing.com

Steve was immediately willing to be a team player and would provide much more than just a  web designer. He was very concerned with making the webpage an extension of the book and my vision. Steve takes his work personal and goes above and beyond what is expected in today’s workforce. Steve’s life experience allows him to also offer suggestions and ideas in a positive and productive way to help bring my website to a first class design. 

Working with Coplan Creative Consulting has been a pleasure, I highly recommend his services. 

Charley Valera
Author, My Father's War

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