Modern WordPress Designs

Put the world’s most popular web publishing platform to work for your business today. WordPress is the quickest and most cost-effective way to launch your web presence.

Stand out from the crowd with a completely custom theme design. I can design & develop a completely custom WordPress theme to fit your needs.

The creative partnership is an end-to-end service. I include consulting on the design, strategy, and functionality of your website, and management of the details and technical requirements that are part of building and taking a new site live.

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PSD To WordPress


This is my absolute favorite thing to do. If you are a web designer or an agency and you have the perfect design and need fast, reliable coding to get it up and running, look no further. I guarantee that I can make ANY .PSD work with WordPress and I strive to build easy-to-use admin interfaces for even the most complex of front-end features so the end client can manage their site with ease. I completely respect that a lot of hard work went into creating the design and I will work closely with you to ensure the end result is exactly what you had in mind.

As an advocate of modern standards and techniques, I provide light and well-formatted, fully commented code. I’ll deliver rock-solid code and timely assistance. I have a detailed and efficient build process in place to return your work to you within an average of 5 days per site.

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Theme Modifications

services-3Need help with an existing WordPress theme or Don’t have the budget for a custom WordPress theme? Modifying an existing WordPress theme is an economical option. No problem. I’ll dive under the hood, push buttons, turn dials, and that will give you great results.

Learn more about how we can help you modify your pre-built WordPress theme by contacting me today.

Converting Existing Website to WordPress

services-4No more waiting on your current website designer to make changes and edits. I know WordPress like the back of my hand, and I leverage that familiarity to help people convert their sites to run on WordPress. Whether it’s a complex, data-driven website or a simple brochure site, you can build on the strengths of the WordPress publishing engine.

With a WordPress site, you can take advantage of a vibrant development community producing thousands of plugins and extensions. I can help you end cumbersome content updates or an outdated content management system by getting your site up and running on WordPress, Get Started Today.

Website Redesign

services-5Do you have an old, outdated website? Are you embarrassed when people ask to view your website?

The layout for your website redesign should be intuitive and easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. It should be supported by a feature-rich content management system that offers tools that enhance your visitor’s experience and that you can leverage in running your business or organization.

The reasons why you may need website redesign services:

  • The visual appeal of your website design is outdated
  • Your website navigation is complicated or confusing
  • The website is not optimized for SEO (or was done poorly)
  • You do not have any clear Call-To-Actions or attractive offers
  • Your website does not generate any leads
  • Updating your website content is difficult or impossible

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