40 Top Facebook Fan Pages

During a recent survey, it has come out that after Google; Facebook is the most surfed website around the world. Facebook started as a social networking site where long lost friends from school meet at a common place and share thought, photos, videos and more. However with the passage of time this site just kept on becoming big. At the present time besides serving as a social meeting platform, Facebook is also one of the major marketing sources of the business world and especially for the e-commerce world. Ranging from the smallest vendor to the largest seller, everyone is present in Facebook. All might not be sponsoring ads on Facebook but maintain a fan page is a trend that is followed by all. The entire exercise of putting the link to Facebook fan page from the landing page is a good idea of bringing users to a networking site and trying to build up a network. Facebook fan pages not just helps in building a network and enhance marketing but also at the same time generates comments and constructive criticism for your site that might help you in growing. The major criteria of a good Facebook fan page should be it should be a reflection of your site, business, community, cause or anything that it promotes. Explore this gallery of 40 fantastic Facebook fan pages and get inspired to create another new fantastic fan page in Facebook.

1) M&M’s U.S.A

2) Oreo

3) Coca-Cola

4) McDonald’s

5) 3 Musketeers

6) Snickers

7) BMW

8) iTunes



9) Pringles


10) Monster Energy

11) Sprite




12) Levi’s


13) National Geographic

14) Skittles

15) Nike


16) Volkswagen

17) Subway

18) Google



19) Cristiano Ronaldo



20) John Cena – WWE Universe

21) Roger Federer



22) Baskin-Robbins

23) Ford Motor Company

24) Harley-Davidson


25) Windows

26) Sony

27) Dr Pepper

28) Yahoo

29) Lacoste

30) Ferrero Rocher

31) Disneyland

32) Firefox

33) Reeses

34) Mountain dew

35) Dominos


36) Pepsi


38) Starbucks

39) Nutella

40) KitKat


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