Launch like Steve Jobs: 7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch


Apple product launches have become the stuff of legend. The iPad sold 300,000+ WiFi-only units on launch day. Within three days, the iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units. The iPhone 3G sold over a million units on its launch weekend. Clearly, Steve Jobs knows how to launch a product for maximum sales. You might even […]

4 Online Marketing Tips to Boost Your Website Sales

SEO experts have burst onto the SME marketing stage recently with success stories, buzz words and technical know-how to impress and confuse even the sharpest business owner. With SEO experts ruthlessly focused on getting that top Google slot, it’s understandable that business owners get caught up in the hype, invest thousands in SEO strategies and […]

10 Secret Code Phrases to Get What You Want from Your Graphic Designer


Pixels, white space, focal points and sans-serif. Designers have their own language, and it’s baffling if you’re not used to it. It’s almost like we have a “secret code,” and we reserve our best work for the clients who know it. When you speak with us, you might feel like you need a translator to […]

Hot or Not: E-mail Marketing vs. Social-Media Marketing


Contrary to popular belief, video didn’t kill the radio star, YouTube didn’t knock off TV and Twitter didn’t shut down blogging. However, in each case the steady advance of new technology definitely forced the incumbents to evolve. One can argue, for example, that some of the more established blogs on the web benefited greatly from […]

50 Ways Marketers Can Use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing


Consider this a start. You probably could add another 50 tips for marketers and PR professionals to consider by adding to the comments section, or blogging an additional list at your site. I know you’ve got some ideas that I’ve missed. Care to share? Add social bookmark links to your most important web pages and/or […]