Small Business SEO


Without being able to appear at the top of Google search results, it’s difficult to drive enough traffic to generate “buzz” and get people talking about your content. Without plenty of people talking about and sharing your content, Google doesn’t view it as influential enough to appear at the top of the SERPs (Search Engine […]

On Page WordPress SEO Optimization


One thing I’ve always liked about WordPress SEO is that it guides you on where to focus in order to best optimize each page of your website. By selecting one keyword on which to base your writing, you create better, more relevant content for your reader while helping the search engines do their jobs. The […]

Top Tips For A Productive & Profitable Landing Page


Some website owner has a myth that they can use homepages as the landing pages of their online business. However, it doesn’t make sense practically. As said earlier websites are targeting customers in mass and don’t focus on any particular task. Instead landing pages can be optimized specifically to direct potential audience on the homepage […]

B2B Search Landing Page

Are you sending your hard-won search traffic to a …com or a .com? A Landing Page Is A Complete Sentence Your B2B search traffic should not be asked to fill in the blanks like a sentence that ends in an ellipsis. You may introduce confusion, insecurity, distress, or uncertainty. Your home page is often guilty […]

5 Excuses That Will Kill Your Content Marketing Efforts

Whether you have a small team in a Mom & Pop or you’re coordinating content creation within a Fortune 100, the reasons for why a team member can’t contribute are pretty much universal. Here are the the 5 most common excuses that I have come across and how you can overcome them… Excuse: “I’m Out […]