Top Ten Facebook Mistakes


1. Tagging Random People in Photos Please stop tagging people you barely know in photos that have nothing to do with them. It’s one thing when your buddy tags you in an unphotogenic pic, then sends it out to friends for some laughs, because, hey, at least it’s you. But the people I’m talking about […]

Improve Your Social Media Footprint


Create Content! Being a participant in social web requires that you create content, and certain kinds of content at that. Regardless of your industry, to create buzz you need to educate or entertain your target market, and well executed content will make people want to share it. Improve the “Linkability” of your Content Having “static” […]

Optimize Your Tweets to Increase Results


There are well over 200 million Tweets per day. Just imagine, if we always say you have a split second to convince a visitor to your site to stay a little longer, what do you need to do to get your Tweet noticed and get people to click or perform some type of engagement with […]

Local Search & Small Business

Both local search providers and their small business customers can benefit from a stronger grasp of where the industry is heading and growing trends among their peers. 1. Local Businesses Are Increasingly Looking For One Point Of Contact As Neil Salvage of CityGrid explained, local businesses today are so overwhelmed with just running their day-to-day […]

Email Marketing vs. Facebook


Facebook and other social networks are great for engaging and keeping in touch, but nothing beats owning your data (such as customer lists) and being able to reach prospects or customers in their inbox with your personal and pertinent message. While Facebook should be part of your marketing strategy, don’t forget the value of email […]