Blueprint to a Great Call To Action Button

The Button Call-To-Action At a basic level, it is important that a visitor knows the consequences of clicking a button, and feels reassured that clicking will not result in any negative or unwanted consequences. It must at once inform and inspire confidence. As calls-to-action go, button wording like “click here,” “go” and “submit” tell visitors […]

Top Tips For A Productive & Profitable Landing Page


Some website owner has a myth that they can use homepages as the landing pages of their online business. However, it doesn’t make sense practically. As said earlier websites are targeting customers in mass and don’t focus on any particular task. Instead landing pages can be optimized specifically to direct potential audience on the homepage […]

Guide to a Successful Landing Page for Your Website


1. Welcome your visitors They came to your website for a reason, and that reason needs to be addressed pretty quickly. People don’t have a very long attention span, so it is important that you catch their interest; let them know that you understand their problem and that you can solve it for them. Make […]

Going Viral to Increase Website Traffic


One of the, if not the most, successful ways of attracting a lot of visitors is through a little something called viral marketing. As viral marketing builds much upon “word of mouth” people will be much more eager to take a look at your site. A recommendation from a trusted source, with the friend/colleague/often frequented […]

5 Web Strategies That Don’t Work


Strategy #1: Parity The parity play involves watching what your competitors do, and then either copying them or one-upping them. Parity is seductive because it’s easy and safe. And it can lead to incremental improvements. But it’s just as likely that you’re imitating an expensive tactic that didn’t work for your competitor. In either case, […]