Top 10 Twitter Tools for Social Networking


Buffer – more clicks, easy What I found to be the most important ingredient to a great online appearance is to create amazing content for your followers. In order to do so, Buffer comes in very handy. You can drop tweets into your Buffer with just one click and the app posts it for you […]

Insider Tips to Creating & Managing Google+


Creating A Page Within two days or sooner, everyone is supposed to be able to make pages by using the Create A Page tool. Availability is rolling out now, so if you get an “Google+ Pages isn’t ready” error, keep checking back. (NOTE: Google now says everyone should have access). Assuming you do have access, I’ll start with what you […]

Powerful Tips to Gain Publicity for Your Business


The use of press releases is common in the field of public relations. It is a powerful way to gain publicity for your business, it offers the opportunity for your business story to go viral within hours. Use a reputable press release channel and you can find your news story at the top of Google news and […]

Grow Your Business by Asking for Referrals


Ah, referrals. I can’t think of a more powerful selling tool. It’s a fact: People would rather do business with people they know–or know of–than with strangers. When you’re introduced to a prospect through a personal recommendation, that prospect has a vastly higher comfort level than, say, a buyer you find through cold calling. After […]

Top 20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches


For millions of people Google is an indispensable search tool that they use every day, in all facets of their lives. From work or school, research, to looking up movies and celebrities to news and gossip, Google is the go-to search engine. But instead of just typing in a phrase and wading through page after […]