Top Tips For A Productive & Profitable Landing Page

  • Some website owner has a myth that they can use homepages as the landing pages of their online business. However, it doesn’t make sense practically. As said earlier websites are targeting customers in mass and don’t focus on any particular task. Instead landing pages can be optimized specifically to direct potential audience on the homepage of your website
  • Make sure that your landing page doesn’t miss out on the essential design elements like headline, sub-headline and a short description of what your website is offering.
  • The easiest is the navigation system, the longest user will stay on your landing page. Remove all the unnecessary links and navigation buttons from the landing page. Over optimized navigation or redundant navigation options, both influence visitors to switch on your competitor’s website.
  • A landing page is always designed with a specific purpose. Often the businesses have dedicated team of marketers who define the marketing strategies and goals for businesses. Know your objective and make sure your landing page design showcase your vision in the most effective manner.
  • Content relevancy is an another significant thing in the success of a landing page design. The visitors are directed to your landing pages from various sources. But, in all cases you need to make sure that the source and destination content of the link has some relevancy in them.
  • It is recommended to make use of bulleted points on the landing page as it lessen friction.
  • Don’t think that you will share some great information only after the user clicks on the download button or on a quote request button. Share the useful information up front.
  • In the quote request form, don’t ask for more and unnecessary information. The longer the form, the less chance of users taking interesting in filling it.
  • Make multiple landing pages for your website. This will help you get more leads to your website. You can also provide social media buttons on the landing pages so visitors can share your content on their social media profiles.
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