Free Advertising – Foursquare for your Business

Foursquare is a location based social networking web site for mobile users who can check in at various places around the neighborhood and when your out exploring new places you can claim discounts, badges and loyalty points. It can surely make traveling around the city and hopping from one place to another fun and exciting. So, if you are not yet familiar with this app, read on to get familiar with Foursquare.

So this is how it works,first, you will have to download the mobile game application from foursquare. After downloading this app and installing it into your mobile phone, sign up and connect to your address book, Facebook and Twitter accounts. And voila! You are now ready to use or ‘check in’ to your Foursquare account.
After ‘checking in’, this app will use the GPS of your mobile phone to trace your whereabouts. Your friends using this app will know where you are. Likewise, you will also see if they have checked in recently and where they are. In addition, users of this app are given the privilege to share and view pieces of information on what to do and enjoy in a particular place.

You don’t need to worry about an unlisted place in Foursquare. All you have to do is add it to Foursquare yourself. As soon as you add it, it will be visible to you and to other users. This is a great way of free advertising for your business.

But of course, the fun doesn’t just stop there, you can compete with your friends for badges and be the ‘Mayor’ of the local place. Frequenting Foursquare will earn you badges and loyalty points. Obviously, you will start as a ‘Newbie’. Nevertheless, if you use Foursquare frequently, your loyalty points, as well as your badges, will increase.

On top of that, if you visit a particular place from time to time and ‘check in’ to Foursquare for every visit, you will have more badges and a bigger chance to be the ‘Mayor’ of that place. ‘Mayors’ are described as the most loyal visitor of the place. In other words, they have the most number of recorded visits to a place based on Foursquare statistics.

Becoming ‘Mayor’ also has its own rewards. If you become one for a business establishment, let’s say a salon or a café, business owners just might reward you with exclusive deals. How good is that!
For business owner, you can easily arrange for an exclusive deal with your customers who use Foursquare. This deal will encourage customers to visit your establishment frequently. For example, you can set up a deal with customers who have visited your place on the 3rd occasion for a free cup of coffee or a 10% coupon. But the great thing about Foursquare is that it let’s business owners choose which Foursquare level you want to reward your customers.

Furthermore, since users can share information with their Foursquare accounts, your business will certainly have free advertisements from loyal customers. This is undoubtedly an effective and powerful promotion as recommendation from one friend to another is the best form of obtaining new business. Likewise, you can also promote your establishment by sharing about your current deals and events.

Foursquare also offers users, particularly business owners, to view their statistics and monitor the number of people taking advantage of their exclusive offers and deals and ‘checking’ in to their establishments. This mobile application surely offers both customers and business owners a win-win situation. In fact, since its launch in October 2009, it has already gathered more than four million users.

With mobile users increasing rapidly this number will continue to grow as more and more people are discovering this app and its benefits on a daily basis. So if you need free advertising for your business what are you waiting for go get your xmas shoppers!

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