WordPress + Google Analytics = Full Integration

Features and advantages of using Google Analytics

Basically, having a good analytics tool allows you to know everything between the page-visitor interaction. Google Analytics can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, e-mail marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents. Some of the advantages that the integration of Google analytics in WordPress brings are:

To be able to know who visits your website

This form of web analytics answers what is the geographic location of your visitors, which browsers did the visitors use to see your page/site and many other important information like: language, screen resolution, JavaScript support, Flash support, and some others. This data specially is very useful, and it can help you in several ways. When setting themes or making any changes related to appearance and visuals, you can use the user data to make sure that your site will be compatible with your visitor’s devices. If most of your users does not have Flash support, then you should avoid adding flash element to your site. If your visitors use all possible screen resolutions, You should make sure that the appearance of your site or the visual design is compatible with all resolutions, which means that Google Analytics can tell you if your site needs to be responsive.

To know what they do when they are on your website

You can track where the user is going on your website. How long do they stay on your website, and what is the bounce rate on your site. By using this information Thanks to Google Analytics, you can decrease the bounce rate and increase the depth of page views.

To know when they visit your website

Just by looking at the rush hours in the day for visits to your site, you can decide what is the best time for you to publish your content: posts, advertising or else. If the time zone that most of the customers use is not compatible with yours, then thanks to Google Analytics you may schedule your post to meet that hour.

To know where did they arrive on your website from

The traffic sources section of the analytics show you where did the user came from: Search Engines, Direct Links, Referral links from another site. It shows you what percentage of your visitors came from each one of these sources. Google analytics also gives you the details of each of these categories. If it is the search engine category, then it shows you which search engine got you the most traffic, Google, yahoo, bing etc. It will also show you the most used search terms by visitors, so you can improve your ranking for that keyword. The details of referral sites show you which sites you need to work with the most. If your top referral source is twitter, then you need to have exclusive twitter content to make your twitter audience feel special. If your top referral source is an external website, then you might want to consider having a partnership with that website like link exchanges or something else.

To know how they interact with your site’s content

Google analytics show how your users interacted with your site’s content. It shows you what percent of the user clicked on which link on your site and much more. By seeing the user interactivity, you can work your content around your users. By seeing the answers to the questions above, you can focus on the strategies that work for your site and eliminate the strategies that don’t work.

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