Your Online Presence

It is safe to say that close to 100% of the people you would like to do business with have access to the Internet.

When they go online, who are they going to engage with? Are they going to find you and your organization, or are they going to find your competitor?

What about you individually?

How effective is your Internet strategy for gaining and maintaining relationships with the people important to your career currently, or in the future?

The Two Most Critical Factors In Establishing An Online Internet Presence

The two most critical factors are:

  • The Most Critical Factor Is A Sufficient Amount Of “Targeted Traffic”
  • The Next Most Critical Factor Is “Conversion” – A Customer Action

Let’s keep it simple. Your online goal is to attract people to your content, which in most cases is your website, but it could also be a post, your blog, etc.

Once they find your content, you must convert them to some form of relationship (a fact that seems to go unnoticed by so many website designers).

So simple, and also doable with a little bit of knowledge and explanation.

Your “Keywords” And “Keyword Phrases” Are Critically Important

How well do you know your industry niche?

Unless you have used the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to discover what people are searching for in relationship to your product or services, you don’t know you niche as well as you could.

You can get quality market research today that is incredibly accurate, you can get it for free, and it is available instantaneously 24-7. I am talking about research data, that if it was available and of this high quality, would have cost you tens of thousands of dollars, or more, a decade ago.

The market research that is available at this resource is based on • billion clicks a day through Google’s magical database and analytics.

If you don’t get anything else out of this book, go to this website and put in a few words that pertain to your industry niche such as; “buy car insurance” “estate planning” “claims software” or whatever it is that you are engaged in.

People like to think they already understand their business and their customers. I know I always put myself in that category. Then I discovered that I could access the summarized results of 500,000,000 searches a day. Good business instincts are great, and if you have them, consider yourself fortunate, but it is very hard to argue with half a billion daily searches.

How to use this tool is self-explanatory. You type in the keyword or keyword phrase at the top and click enter. All the searches for that keyword are categorized for you, and just as important, all the related keywords and keyword searches are categorized as well.

Here is the link for the Search Keywords Using Google Keywords Tool:


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